Dynamic Yoga

By moving the body in and out of a variety of different postures, and holding still in them, the whole body is re-calibrated; a process which involves the whole of the body and mind. The effects of yoga are very broad and very deep. Most immediately they give back to the body the capability to move freely and effortlessly, at the same time focusing the mind, while bringing a vitality and enthusiasm for life that is priceless.

Enhancement of muscular activity, respiration, circulation and digestion will give benefits physically, psychologically and cosmetically. Skin colour and tone improve, eyes shine, posture and bearing improve. This brings about an enhanced sense of well-being, confidence and self esteem giving the seasoned yoga practictioner a radiance and glow of vitality.

Yoga works on the immune and nervous systems enabling us more to deal with the daily stresses of life. We can begin to calm down on a very deep level. As this happens we begin to see more clearly the true nature of things. our judgement improves, we become more conscious of our habits, actions and reactions. With this in mind - yoga can also improve our relationships with others and ourselves.

The Dynamic Yoga Method aims to bring about physical, mental and spiritual transformation in the utilisation of postural, breath and attention techniques. The only requirements to begin this practice are an ability to breathe and a beginners mind.

"...bringing a vitality and ethusiasm for life that is priceless..."