Godfrey Devereux

Founder of the dynamic Yoga Method

"Dynamic Yoga is based directly on the inherent unity of body, mind and spirit. A unity that is overlooked and compromised in almost all cultural activities. The overt and most accessible expression of this unity is the body: dynamic yoga therefore is based on accessing the deeper subtleties of being human from physical action. It is based on the recognition that both spirit and mind depend for their expression on the body and it's capacity for action obvious and subtle. A dependency that permits them both to be fully accessed and realised through and from the body. Therefore Dynamic Yoga does not rely on or utilise any esoteric or mystical concepts. It relise only on concepts that can be easily derived by anyone from the natural functioning of body, mind and spirit. Accordingly it does not depend on the blind acceptance of external authority. Not even that of the teacher. Instead, it seeks and honours the authority of life itself, functioning through the imperfectability of nature in and as the human being."

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